Axiom Vacation Rentals
Your Passive Income Concierge

Company Overview

Axiom is a full service concierge specializing in short-term rentals for traveling vacationers and business professionals.

We partner with select homeowners and landlords to maximize the income producing potential of their property. Whether you’re a homeowner with an extra room (or other private space) and a desire to create a side income, or a burned-out landlord, with a vacant or sub-performing rental, who’s searching for a better way — Axiom can help.

With the advent of the internet and smart phones, people are now able to connect with each other in ways like never before. This has created a new economy, called the Sharing Economy, and Axiom can help you profit from it.

Benefits To Landlords & Homeowners:

No More Tenants!

Less Wear And Tear

Professional Cleaning

Electronic Deposits

Guest Screening

Keyless Entry

Pet Free

Smoke Free

Reservation Management Services: You make money, we do all the work! Contact us today for a complimentary property evaluation.
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